NDC director featured in an article debating the timing of tick for medicinal psychedelics

20 February 2023

Professor Chris Langmead

Professor Chris Langmead is featured in an article in The Age/Sydney Morning Herald on the TGA's medicinal psychedelic decision.

Extract from the article:

Professor Chris Langmead, the deputy director of the Neuromedicines Discovery Centre at Monash University, said he was surprised by the timing of the Therapeutic Goods Administration’s decision and understands the perspective of those who believe more information and research is needed.

“But whether we like it or not, Australia is now being placed at the forefront of research in this field globally,” he said. “And we either take that opportunity or we don’t.”

He said the medication currently used for mental health disorders – such as SSRI antidepressants and lithium – are based on science that is more than 50 years old.

“We don’t accept that for cancer, heart disease or diabetes, and we shouldn’t be accepting that for mental health.”

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