Research Themes

There have been no truly novel medicinal breakthroughs in treatments for mental illness or psychological distress over the past 50 years.

Prof. Arthur Christopoulos, Final Report, Royal Commission into Victoria’s Mental Health System, Vol. 5, p. 156.

Psychedelic research to date has been conducted in a piecemeal fashion. With limited funds, often from small philanthropic grants, researchers have been restricted to narrow enquiries: most often a single drug and regimen, tested against one condition in a small patient cohort – often in an open-label manner with minimal blinding and limited placebo controls.

As the world’s first end-to-end research centre in this space, we will tackle the problem at scale via comprehensive, matrixed approach: multiple drugs and regimens evaluated in different mental health disorders across representative patient cohorts, backed up by world-class research into the development of next generation therapeutics and rigorously designed clinical trials.

To achieve this matrix approach, we’ve organised our work into three research themes:

Banner image supplied by Ben Rollo/Monash University